Tuesday, November 9, 2010

November Poetry Challenge: 9/30: Lunch Time?

Poem #9 of 30 in my November challenge. I was working outside in the back yard this afternoon, when this one came to me.

Lunch Time?

The Deadly Spaniel stands, poised,
rust and cream fur gleaming
in the noon day sun,
quivering nose raised and dark
eyes intently focused,
all attention spiraled in
on the bird feeder, where a helpless
cloud of fluttering
sparrows has swooped by for brunch.
Wings flapping, little bits of darting
movement and chirping temptation and
"Malcolm, NO! No Bird!!"
The flock scatters
and the pup's head whips around.
His tail wags in Obvious Innocence
and he bounds merrily over
to get Attention! Pettings! Scritches!

But his eyes
are already straying upwards,
and the Fierce Predator
scans the sky...

Melissa McCollum

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