Tuesday, November 23, 2010

November Poetry Challenge: 23/30: Cognitus Interruptus

Ok, given some of the folks I know are reading these poems, I almost didn't post this one. But, well, this is what came out of the pencil tonight, and this is me too. So, here's poem #23 of 30 in my November poetry challenge. (I've got a personal goal of writing 30 poems in 30 days. Only 7 more to go after tonight!)

Cognitus Interruptus

I had a poem forming
in the corners of my brain.
I'm sure it would have been very insightful
in a lofty, cerebral fashion.
But then I took a shower.
For two.
And there were steamed up mirrors
and hot pulsing water
and tasty droplets trailing down
tender flushing skin
the words are just gone. Poof.
All that's left
are lingering shivers,
vividly intense
sense memories,
and a very very self-satisfied
Sorry. I'll be all profound
another time.
Right now I'm just going lie here,
in the sure, purring
knowledge that I am
an extraordinarily

Melissa McCollum

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