Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Shawls and Ruanas

I've been busily taking pictures and listing a couple of months' worth of hand woven shawls and ruanas in the Etsy shop today. I'm feeling all accomplished, and wanted to take a moment to bask. They don't look half bad when you get them all together, do they? The Etsy shop is here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/tangibledaydreams

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Blue green gradated handwoven ruana fabric

Fresh off the loom, and through the wet finishing process! I love love how this fabric softens up in that first wash. I put it through the washing machine on hot, with high agitation, and then toss it in the dryer for a full cycle. Any shrinking or bleeding it is going to do is going to be done, and the whole thing just becomes so lovely to the touch.

Next up: ironing, and snipping stray threads, and looking for any skipped weaving threads to fix. Then I'll get to the sewing part. This is going to be 3 ruanas, which are a poncho like garment. I'm trying to decide if I keep one of these beauties for myself. I know I have one of my ruanas I've kept already, and I do wear it regularly. But, that was one of my stripy hand dyed ones. This is a new design. Shouldn't I keep one to test out? Maybe? Truth is, I'm just so pleased with the way the fabric turned out that I want one. 

The details: 3/2 Valley mercerized cotton for the warp, in three greens and three blues, sett at 12 ends per inch. The weft is 10/2 Valley mercerized cotton, in dark blue, blue-green, and black for the different garments. The weave is plain weave.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Hiking in the White Tanks

We had a cold front come through last weekend, so the Arizona desert got one more lovely week of relatively cool (70's F) temperatures before the heat sets in for the summer. So, my sweetie and I took advantage of the weather to go on one more hike at the White Tank Mountain Regional Park.

The green of the spring wildflowers and grasses has faded into cream and rust as we head into the baking time, and seed pods are everywhere. I grew up in the Midwest US, and this looks like fall to me. No wonder I can never get the hang of the desert seasons.

The local wildlife was active. Lizards and birds and little fuzzy things everywhere!

The air was clear with the bit of rain that we had, so we could see quite a ways. That is Phoenix in the distance. The two little hills in the top left of the picture are a bit over 30 miles away.

And as we were on the way back off of the trail, we got to enjoy a spectacular moon rise. Gorgeous!