Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November Poetry Challenge: 2/30: Being a Grown Up

Here's the second piece for my poetry challenge. I'm doing 30 poems in 30 days for November. I noticed some of you Googled in on the search term 'poetry challenge'. Do you want to play along, too? If so, feel free to put the links to your own works down in the comments section here. I'd love to see what you come up with!

Being a Grown Up

I'm a grown up today.
I ate my breakfast fiber,
folded the laundry
and washed the dishes.
I filled out checks,
planned the evening's menu,
and weeded the garden.
And I Voted.
So very responsible.

And next,
I'm going to dance in the grass,
head thrown back
and arms wide open,
spinning in the sprinklers.
I'm going to eat my ice cream first,
and create exuberant masterpieces
made of sidewalk chalk
and pure imagination.
And I'm going to celebrate
our marvelous, vibrant differences.

Because I'm a grown up today,
and I can!

-Melissa McCollum

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