Saturday, November 13, 2010

November Poetry Challenge: 12/30: Blerg

Poem #12 of 30 in my November Poetry Challenge. And now, I'm off to bed. ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....


Yesterday I was a scatter brained
fluff head.
Left my credit card at lunch,
tried to cancel it but forgot
the banks were closed,
and had to drive an hour
each way
back across town to retrieve it.
I made potentially stupid
driving goofs, but luckily
my kids had the brain and the eyes.
And by the time I got home
I was so full of blah and inertia
that packing for the marvelous weekend trip
that I'd been waiting and waiting for
could just...wait.

This morning, playing
with my daughter's hair
was too much effort.
I got through the long draining
line waiting
day (but my son got his license!),
and took my husband
home sick from work. Too fried
again to pack and shop
and drive for hours
and set up camp and...*sigh*.
Maybe if I had minions,
who would do it all for me.
But as it is? That much work
to go sleep in the cold? about pizza
and video games?

And tonight,
my tummy is queasy.
I've got that tightness
in the jaw line
that says nausea is lurking.
And the thermometer
(that always reads low)
says 99.8.

Well, that explains things now,
doesn't it?

You all have fun.
I'm going to brew a mug of tummy mint tea
and curl up under some nice fluffy covers
and be a lump all weekend long.


Melissa McCollum

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