Saturday, November 27, 2010

November Poetry Challenge: 27/30: Contemplating the To-Do Lists

Here's poem number #27 out of 30 in my November challenge. My mind was in spin cycle tonight, running over all the various things I just need to get done over the next few months...

Contemplating the To-Do Lists

Sign the cards, find the addresses,
dig out the boxes,
set up the tree, the lights,
(need to run to replace dead strands...)
ornaments, tinsel, creche, stockings...
Buy the gifts, wrap, mail...
This year cookies for sure, and fudge, and...
...and Christmas will happen
and will be Merry
even if I don't get every bow tied.

But then I need to get ready
for the New Year's Eve party!
Clean the house, find firewood,
tweak the hot tub, send out emails,
get new games, find crash space,
figure out a menu,
drag out the coolers, and...
...and the New Year will come,
shiny and complete,
even if I don't get the party favors.

But, Estrella is right around the corner!!
Get everybody pre-registered,
track down who is in camp, tetris their tents.
I want two more outfits,
Kevin needs pants, Eric needs shirts.
So much pre-cooking to do I should start freezing now
and I need to weave an arts entry! And...
...and Estrella will be a marvelous
gathering of chosen family,
whether or not I get that tunic sewed.

Thanksgiving has passed,
which means I'm deep into crazy season.
For the next two and a half months
I'm up to my eyeballs juggling, organizing,
people are depending on me
and there just isn't enough time! And...
...and every detail doesn't need to be perfect.
What gets done will be
The gatherings will still make memories
full of sparkling laughter and joy.

Melissa McCollum


  1. Can I print this out and post it by my computer? I may be planning different events and things than you, but what you have written I have to remind myself often.


  2. Absolutely. :) I may need to do the same, because I'm sure to forget.