Saturday, November 20, 2010

November Poetry Challenge: 19/30: Why I didn't get any sleep last night...

This is about how things went for me Thursday evening. Don't you hate nights like this? But at least I got poem #19 out of it, so I guess it wasn't all that bad...?

Why I didn't get any sleep last night...

Look body, it is 3 am. It is time to go to bed.
No, I want to make things! I've got this great idea, and...
But we need to be up early.
Just a check through the internet then.
You know that will suck us in for hours. We don't have hours. Go to bed.
I'm hungry.
We shouldn't eat past midnight.
But I'm hunnnnnnnngry!!
Fine. Have some crackers.
Crackers, and bed.
Diet Coke, too?
Caffeine? Nice try. Water. Now get undressed and crawl in.

Shhhh. Just lie there.
....I'm cold.
sigh We'll put pj's on. Better?
I'm not sleepy.
Well, pretend. We have to be up in 4 hours!
The cat is on my head.
Cats do that. Push it off.
Now the dog is scratching. You know we can't sleep if the dogs move at all!
Aargh! Then kick the dog off too! Just go to sleep!!!
But I wanna make things!!

Melissa McCollum

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