Saturday, October 23, 2010

Tutorial: Using Hair Sticks Pt. 1 : The Bun

I use hair sticks on a fairly regular basis, to put my hair up in a bun or a french twist. They work for me better than pencils or chop sticks, which I've also used. Used properly, they make for a very secure hair style that will last through an evening of dancing. Since I use them so often, I also make them and sell them in my Etsy shop.

I was asked if I would make a tutorial of how to use hair sticks. Since my daughter was home from college this weekend, I had her take a few pictures of me putting my hair up in a bun. Then I turned around and took some shots of her putting her hair up in a french twist. This is the series on the bun. I'll post the ones of her tomorrow, after I've had time to go through them.

I started the process by putting my hair up in a pony tail. You don't need to use the elastic, but I find it easier for the initial steps. (If you omit the elastic, you can do the sexy 'pull out a pin and shake your hair down' trick when it is appropriate. That is fun too.)

I twisted the pony tail into a rope...

...and then spiraled the rope around and around into a bun.

I tucked the last bits of hair under the bun.

Then, holding on to the bun with my left hand, I grabbed a hair stick in my right. (I'm right handed.) Imagine for a moment a clock face on the bun. I inserted the tip of the hair stick under a small chunk of hair at the edge of the bun at the 2:00 position, facing away from the center of the bun. I let the tip of the hair stick hit my scalp an inch or so away from the bun.

Then I flipped the hair stick over, gently scraping the tip along my scalp, until it faced back the way it came. That flip and scrape trick is the key to getting a strong, secure hold.

Now I pushed the stick through the bun and out the opposite side. I like to run it right along the elastic hair tie.

One hair stick will hold, but two will be more secure. You can insert the second hair stick parallel with the first, but I prefer a crossed X look. I insert the tip of the hair stick under a bit of hair at the edge of the bun in the 10:00 position, and let it extend an inch or so beyond the bun.

Then again, I flip the stick around so it is pointed toward the center of the bun, scraping gently against the scalp as I do so.

Push the hair stick through the bun until it comes out the opposite side.

And there you have it. Nice and secure, with a decorative touch.


  1. How pretty!!! Almost wish I had long hair.

  2. Where do you get the sticks, I'd like to make some with beads?

    1. I make my own ( out of hard wood dowel rods from the hardware store. But I've also gotten some from Fire Mountain Gems ( in the past.