Sunday, October 17, 2010

Leather and being the go-between

I love it when things just fall into place! I was browsing Craigslist recently, and came across a guy who was giving away a huge box of leather scraps. I contacted him, and didn't hear back until this morning. The other people who had spoken for the box hadn't shown up, was I still interested?

Now, I didn't really have a plan in mind for these. I don't work much in leather, these scraps were too small for shoe making, and they were backed with a vinyl or something. But...something told me to go get them anyway. So I did, and it was a good thing I brought the van because the box stuffed full of scraps would not have fit in my little commuter car!

Upon closer inspection, it looked like these were the left over bits from a book binding project of some sort. I put out a call on my FaceBook...and it turns out that one of my local friends has been repairing books for her kids' library. The kids' library just didn't have the money to replace the books as they wore out, so her services were keeping the library functional. And she recently had a brainstorm of making a non-profit group, to keep repairing kids books and teach others how to do it too. And yes, she could definitely use this leather!

So I'm going to save out enough scraps to play with in my own studio, just because. The rest are going into just the right hands, for a great cause. Sometimes being the go-between is a great thing, you know?

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