Saturday, October 23, 2010

Modeling for Life Drawing this week

Oh man, are my muscles sore! I modeled for 4 life drawing classes this week, and I think I over did it. There were just a few too many poses with an arched and/or twisted back. But there was some really neat artwork that came out of it!

Here are a couple of the 1-3 minute gesture warm-up poses. The half hour and 45 minute poses were not quite this strenuous to hold...but they still worked the body.

In addition to the back twisting poses, a few of the teachers were working on hands and face studies. Many of the students shy away from hands, feet, and heads when they're doing their drawings. You'd be amazed how many anonymous floating torso pictures I've seen come out of these classes. So by the middle of the semester, the teachers tend to do some focused sessions to try to take the mystery out of those body parts.

One of the teachers set up three drawing stations for head studies. There was the skeleton at one, a plastic head showing the planes of the face at another, and I was the third one. Hint: This picture is not my drawing station.

Oh, remember those gesture poses? One of the more advanced class participants took two of the poses I did a few weeks back, and worked them up into a more finished piece of artwork. Doesn't this remind you a bit of Matisse's style? It is fascinating to see what folks come up with.

And now, I think it is time for a nice hot shower. My back muscles will appreciate it.

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