Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bead Tapestry up on the Mirrix web site

Ok, I've got to brag just a little bit, because I'm so tickled about this.

If you want a small, sturdy tapestry or bead loom, one of the top of the line looms is made by Mirrix.

If you go to their website there, and click on 'Galleries' and 'Your Work', a piece I did several years ago is picture #23. The piece is 'Bamboo Dragonfly'.

This is actually a continuation of an exercise I did in color theory class. We had to make an image, and paint it in a couple of different color combinations. One was analogous colors--colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. I used yellow, green, and green-blue.

And one used one of the same colors, but paired it with colors across from it on the color wheel. I used yellow and purple. I liked that one so much, that when I got my Mirrix loom and wanted to try my hand at bead tapestry, I pulled that image out again. I put it behind the warp threads on the loom, to be a pattern/cartoon. Then I matched beads to the picture as I went along. This is how it turned out, and is the image up on the Mirrix page:

Yes, each pixel in the picture is a separate Delica seed bead. The wings are made of the Delica beads that are coated with actual gold, so they shimmer in the light.

Now that I'm reminded of this piece, maybe it is time to pull out the Mirrix again. Hmmmm....what subject should I use this time around?

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