Sunday, October 31, 2010

The color changes on a triloom weaving

I wove a shawl on the triloom the other day. When I was first introduced to these looms, I couldn't quite picture how the color changes worked to create a plaid that was mirrored on both sides of the shawl. (Now I know that when I tie the color on at the right side, it is carried across and up the other side.) So, just for kicks, I took a picture of this piece in work every time I tied on a new color. This sequence will also give you an idea of how the weaving progresses, working in from the corners and down toward the bottom:

After I finished the weaving portion of the shawl, I tied on a nice thick fringe to give the piece some extra pizazz, and to hide the places where I tied on new colors. Here's the finished shawl, ready to come off of the loom:

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