Thursday, July 30, 2009

Looking for Photography Ideas

Well, that took a while. I spent a good portion of the evening processing photos, and writing up listings for the White Scarves so I could put them in the Etsy shop. I have decided that I really need to make myself a light box, for taking pictures. Trying to get good shots using whatever light is in the studio is really hit or miss sometimes. I'm using my little digital camera, and running the shots through Photoshop Elements to crop them and resize them for the internet. I can tweak them a bit in Elements, but you really need to start with good pictures to get good results.

So, you experienced photographers out there...what are some good tips for how to get snappy photographs? That doesn't involve spending lots of money on a camera just now?

On a different note, I met my initial goal of having 25 items in my shop. That puts me onto a second page of merchandise. Go me!


  1. I try and wait for sunlight before I take my pics and I up the ISO if they are coming out to dark. I bought a cheap light box from think geek which helps. A tripod helps to keep the camera still too

    Congrats on having a second page in your shop!

  2. Without building a lightbox, I'd say just wait until it's sunny outside and take pictures either outside or on a table next to a well-lit window. The nice lighting will honestly do half the work for you :)