Monday, July 27, 2009

Brain Storming

Well, the White Scarves are finally off the loom, and in the washing machine. Tomorrow I'll cut them apart and do the hemming, so they should be up in the Etsy shop by Wednesday. It feels so good to finish a larger project!

Now, I'm figuring out what to tackle next. I have several ideas:

-Another triloom shawl. I picked up some more of the Lion brand Homespun yarn, this time in autumn colors. This is my current front runner.

-Time to dig into my supply of gourds. I know it is hot now, but I'd like to have a batch made up and in the shop by the time that things start to cool off.

-I need a couple of more items for the steamer, but I want to experiment with silk scarf painting again. I love playing in the colors, and they work up fairly quickly.

-I've got the one felt cell phone holder that I'm going to put in the shop. It would be good to add to that. Maybe camera cases, instead. I know I have used mine for a couple of years now, and it wears like iron in the pocket. Hmmm...

-More yarn! I have some white that I could spin up, and then maybe space dye. And I have some silk roving I wanted to try.

-I've got a bead necklace that is about half done. I'm stalled on it though, because the different sized beads were creating different widths in the band. Maybe ditch that, and start a free form peyote necklace with the beads instead? Keep the color progression, but change the texture...

-I could sew up some basic Medieval tunics.

-My husband said the strip of White Scarves reminded him of a liturgical stole. Maybe I should pick up that book on liturgical weaving after all.

-I'd like to try the skip hole card weaving technique again. That worked well when I played with it the first time. Time to try some other color combinations.

.....Any other ideas?


  1. Seems like you've got a lot of great ideas of your own. In fact a couple I might use. Some times I get bogged down with ideas, over think them and they never get done.

  2. When I brainstorm, I end up with more ideas than I could possibly have time to bring into tangible form. Feel free to play with the extras!! I'm sure they'd appreciate it. :)