Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"Snuggler's Blues", and the White Scarf again

I was going to take pictures of the triloom shawl yesterday, but we finally got some rain here in Phoenix. And while I love standing out in the warm wind watching the storm come in, it wasn't really conducive to good pictures. However, today we were back to clear and sunny, so I snagged my daughter and went into the back yard.

The trick, mind you, was getting my weaving back from her once the pictures were taken. The shawl turned out super cuddly and soft--the kind of thing you just want to dive in to and never come out again. In fact, I call this one "Snuggler's Blues." The weave is light and airy, the fringe is thick and luxurious, and the whole thing just drapes beautifully. I made this one for the Etsy shop, but I think I'll be making at least two for home use. One for me, and one for her. And then maybe another one for me.

Anyway, I also finished up the weaving on the second White Scarf last night, and started the third. I'm really enjoying this current pattern. It is nice and clean looking, and those wavy ridges stand out well in the sunlight.

The family is headed out for our weekly trip to the library after dinner, but I'm hoping to get a couple more hours of weaving in later on, after the house settles in for the evening. I'd like to get this scarf done tonight, so I can start a new pattern tomorrow again. My goal is to get these off the loom and finished by the beginning of next week. And somehow, the late night weaving hours are my most productive. During the day, I can go about 15 minutes at a stretch before someone needs attention. Around midnight though, I can put on my music, open the window, light a candle, and just give myself over to the rhythm of the loom. Ahhhh...


  1. Your shawl is so pretty!!!!! Did you twist the fringe or does it just look that way because the yarn is curly?
    Can't wait to see your white scarves.

  2. The yarn is just that texture, actually. It is soft fiber, held together with a binder thread wrapped around it. So it has this great look--but I had to put a knot in the end of each strand so the yarn wouldn't poof out. I found I had to be careful to catch the binder thread in the knot, too. Some of the strands I had to go back and knot a second time after I washed it.

    I tried a sample of twisted fringe, since I like the look. But what is so neat about this yarn is how soft to the touch it is. Twisting the fringe made it not quite as pettable. I went for the snuggle factor.

    There is about 3 more hours of loom work on the scarves, then I can cut them off and do the finishing work. Soon!

  3. What kind of scrumptious yarn is this?

  4. Oh, OK. Lion Brand 'Homespun'.

  5. It really is scrumptious, too. My local craft stores carry it, so it is readily available. I have another shawl on the loom right now, in harvest colors. It is a joy to work with, just for the sake of petting the yarn as I go.