Saturday, November 26, 2011

Glendale Glitters at Henny&Ev

I had my silks and felt up on a table today outside of the Henny&Ev boutique (, in the same area and time as Glendale Glitters ( It was kind of a long day, but really fun to do. I'm enjoying being able to talk to people, and share my art.
I actually spent a good portion of the time sitting and spinning yarn, while my daughter and husband sat behind the actual table and took care of the business side of things. Spinning is really eye catching to people in general, and particularly fascinating to young children. I have a minute or two mini demonstration about making yarn that I can give at the drop of a hat. It includes letting the kids touch a little roving, and then twisting it between my fingers and folding it back on itself. I lost track of the number of times I gave that little talk! But it is so worth it to see the light bulb come on in folks' eyes when the roving turns into a little snip of two ply yarn before their eyes.
I had a basket full of my hand spun yarn next to me as well, so folks could see what the end product looked like. I think several folks got a better appreciation for how much work used to go into making clothes. And I think a few might look at spinning lessons some day.
This is what was tempting me. A few tables down from me was a very lovely lady who also spun. She had some rabbits out front. That big one on the right is an angora bunny. She has one angora that she might be willing to sell to another spinner. Oooooh....bunny fur is sooooo lovely to spin! I'm trying to tell myself that 3 dogs, 9 cats, a parrot, and a tank of fish are enough animals in the house. Really. But....but....bunny fur!!!
We had a nice slow but steady flow of people wandering through our little enclave. We were a block away from the main action. However, just a few houses down from us these folks had set up an enclosure and filled it with snow for kids to romp in.
It was a very popular attraction. I grew up in the midwest US, so it seemed kind of amusing to me to truck in snow. But this is the Arizona desert, and most of the kids around here just don't get the chance to throw a decent snowball on a regular basis. They had a blast!

Ok, I need to get off to bed now. I'll be back out to do it again tomorrow. I'll head out to set up again at about 1 in the afternoon, and should be there until things close down at 10 pm. That makes for a long day...but if it is like today the time will seem to fly!

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