Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fairy Stones! Or pattern weights for sewing. I can't decide which.

The other day, I did a tutorial on how to wet felt a rock. ( In the comments, Charla mentioned that she was going to make some smaller ones up to serve as pattern weights for sewing. I thought that was a fine idea...

...and then I got to thinking. I have a craft show coming up on Saturday, and there is nothing on my table that is down in kid range. I remember when my kids were younger, how much they enjoyed when there was something colorful and inexpensive in and among the adult priced pretties, that was just for them. It is so frustrating as a kid to have a few precious dollars, and all the lovely things are still way out of your range.

And then in the middle of the night, in that half awake/half asleep phase, I pictured these little soft and colorful stones. And I pictured garden fairies, sunning themselves on river rocks on lovely days. And I thought, if you were very lucky, those fairies might come to visit. Wouldn't it be lovely to have a special cushioned stone seat to offer them, so they would feel welcomed and at home?

So today I scrounged up some little river rocks, and spent several hours making up a batch of Fairy Stones. I'll offer them in my booth on Saturday, so the kids can have something that is just for them.

And so the fairies can have comfortable seats.


  1. Those are really cute - I think they would be pretty in a little dish in my living room!

  2. They're actually fairly addicting to make. I only stopped because I ran out of rocks. :)

  3. Great idea to use them as pattern weights.

  4. Awesome! I found a bag of wool in my doll parts drawer yesterday and I think I will make some rocks. They won't be lovely like yours, but it will be a way to use that wool! Thank you for posting and I will look at your tutorial!

    Have a wonderful show! I have one tomorrow. Outside show.

    Stopping by from Blogging Buddies


  5. Love all the colors! What a cheery way to hold down a pattern.

    visiting from blogging buddies.

  6. That is an amazing idea! I would buy one for me, one for my daughter, and one for any other windowsill I could think of! I love going to craft shows, but I often don't bring a lot of cash with me. I love little cute finds that I can easily slip into my purse for some imaginary play later!

    Thanks for sharing this and good luck at your craft show!

    Bath, Body, and Beauty Blog

  7. VERY VERY VERY CUTE idea!! I think they will be a hit!

  8. Thanks, everyone! I really appreciate the feedback. :)

  9. I am obsessed with these! They are just so pretty!

  10. Over the next couple of days I'll be making up a batch to bring over to you, Kendall. :)