Monday, November 7, 2011

Getting ready for the Glendale Holiday Open House show

Well, this is going to be a new step for me! I'll have a table outside of Henny & Ev ( this coming Saturday as part of the Glendale Holiday Open House event. ( The town is handing out walking maps to the historic downtown area, and we'll be on it.

I've been concentrating on getting my Etsy store up and running, and doing custom orders for people. I haven't actually had a display table of my work for the public I did that a couple of decades ago, I think. Once or twice. With a totally different line of art. Oh man, am I getting nervous here!

I've already bought the table, and tracked down an umbrella to borrow for the day. The table space available is only 6 ft, and Kendall (the owner) would prefer that we didn't bring EZ-ups, so the umbrella sun shade is going to be the way to go. I signed up with Square (, so I'll be able to take credit cards. That did mean I needed to upgrade my phone, as I was still using mine from about 10 years ago. Somehow, the technology has advanced a wee bit in the past decade. Fancy that. (The sales guy wanted to hang my sim card on the wall as an antique.)

My husband is making me a display stand for my scarves. I wanted two uprights that I could clamp to the table. I'll string a clothesline between them and clip the scarves onto that, so they'll flutter in the breeze but be secure. I got to thinking about it...and conned him into making me an Oseberg style tablet weaving loom. You can see what I'm talking about on my Pinterest board at . It should work perfectly for my display, and when I'm not using it for shows I can use it for my historical weaving. He's got it a good portion of the way done. I'm sneaky, and he rocks.

Now, I still need to figure out a table cloth, and a basket to hold my juggling balls, and oh yes...having Enough Stock. Which means, I need to get off the computer here, and spend the day making some more of the square head scarves. And steam the baker's dozen of rectangular scarves that are hanging in the middle of the picture up on top there. And do I have enough juggling balls. And...and...Yes, I'm obsessing.

Anyone who wants to leave me some tips in the comments? I'd really appreciate it.

Now...Back to work!

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