Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A step up from refrigerator drawings

I popped over to visit my folks this afternoon, to help them clear a few more things out of their garage, and in the process try some of Mom's new corn chowder recipe. (By the way Mom? YUMMY!) While I was there, I noticed just how much of my work that they had displayed around their house. Which really flatters me, because they have some really wonderful art pieces scattered tastefully around their home, and it feels good to be in such company. It also struck me that more than an item or two makes for a blog entry, so I ran around taking pictures.

In the front hallway, they have one of my few abstract paintings displayed. I did this one when I was pregnant with my first child. I loved it...but the oil fumes made me so sick that I didn't pick up paints again for years. Oil paint and pregnancy didn't mix for me.

This is my Mom's dining room table, with the table runner that I wove for her a few years ago. She pulls it out after Christmas time. Mom changes her table decorations for the seasons, and it always looks lovely.

When I was rummaging around her kitchen drawers, I came across two different sets of napkins that I wove for them. The white ones in front there? Used to be green to match the table runner. Yes, they've gotten well used and loved over the years. Yay! That is what hand wovens are for! Hmm...maybe it is time to make another set...

I don't remember why I stopped into the den, but the throw that Mom knit with my hand spun yarn is in there. Dad says there are naps that lurk in that throw. The yarn is made from wool/mohair mill end roving from the Sheep Shed Studio.

Mom & Dad also have one of my gourds displayed in the den. Mom had given me some costume jewelry components that she didn't use anymore. I took one of the pendants, turned it into the focal piece for the gourd, and gave it back to her. Not surprisingly, she liked the color choices in the finished work.

So...I suppose this is a step up from displaying grade school drawings on the refrigerator? Anyway, thanks Mom & Dad. I appreciate the subtle vote of confidence.

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