Friday, January 14, 2011

Cooking and Creating Love

A follow up to yesterday's posting ( My daughter finished her shawl. Is it not wonderful? I am so proud of her. I really enjoy teaching the fiber arts, and love seeing the next person in line light up and make the process their own. Particularly when it is my own kin. My mother is a wonderful knitter, and my dad was awesome with a torch and metal. Though I don't follow either of those arts, I did learn to really value creativity and handwork from them. I am extraordinarily tickled to see my own daughter taking up those family traits. Down through the generations it goes!

My own project yesterday is not as impressive...

...but quite tasty. And the value of creating good food for my family came straight down from my folks too. Boy, can my folks cook! Among other things, I remember the dehydrator going as a kid, making wonderful fruit leather out of local harvests. There was a year my folks picked up a bushel basket full of slightly bruised peaches from the orchard, and mushed them up for the dryer. I still remember the house smelling wonderful! As I recall, the resulting peach roll-ups didn't last long at all. Yummy.

My family shows its love by feeding each other, and creating beautiful (and useful!) artwork for each other. And that? Is not a bad thing at all. From mother to daughter...and on again to the next. All good.


  1. Melisa's daughter, your shawl is wonderful!!! and looks so pretty on you to. Way to go!

    Apples look good!

  2. I passed on your comment to Michelle, and you should have seen the grin on her face. :)