Sunday, January 23, 2011

A link to a video on warping the warp weighted loom

I've been studying the warp weighted loom over the last year, with an eye toward trying it myself. I picked up Marta Hoffman's book "The Warp Weighted Loom", and read through it, which gave me most of what I needed. My husband was in the middle of building me one when he got in an accident and got laid up for a few months. Now that he's almost back on his feet, he figures he can finish it up sometime soon.

Also, earlier this month I went to a friend's place in Las Vegas, because he said he had something that might be a loom in the rafters of his garage. Lo and behold, it was most of a warp weighted loom. It is missing the cross piece on the bottom, and the side pieces for holding the heddle rod, but it showed me how to make the loom weights, and gave me a long shuttle for a warp sword.

And today, somebody posted a link to a series of videos that show how to warp this type of loom. The vocals aren't in English, so I can't understand a word she is saying. But I don't need to. The visuals are clear enough that, coupled with the information I've gleaned from the books, I should be able to muddle my way through.

So, sometime in my future, a warp weighted loom project awaits. Not quite yet--I'm getting ready to weave on my floor loom today. But soon!

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  1. Can you tell me how much the weights are in pounds or fractions thereof? I have built warp weighted loom years ago, and used bags of hardware for the weights, but I want my nec
    St loom to be more authentic.

    Thank you,