Friday, January 15, 2010

Mission: Knee Socks

I've had several requests for knee socks from my circular sock knitting machine, so it is time to try to develop them. My first issue is finding the right yarn. The yarn I've been using is a little thick for the machine, so I ordered some alternate wool sock yarn from Webs. I tried it today for the first time. It is much thinner than the other yarn I've used, and my machine loves it. It is nicer to the touch than the other stuff, too.

Of course, since it is so thin I've had to up the tension, so there are more stitches to the inch. I tried a sample knee sock, using the 54 cylinder. On the plus side, I hardly dropped any stitches. On the minus side, even with the tension cranked all the way up, I can still see my foot through the stitches. It needs to be tighter...but as it is the socks are too narrow to fit comfortably over my calf.

Ok, I'm going to rip that sock out so I can re-use the yarn. The next attempt will be on the 72 cylinder. Stay tuned.

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