Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas is done!

There! Finally done. It only took me to a couple of weeks past Christmas to finish up all the presents this year, so I guess I'm not doing too bad.

The kids had both been in and out of my studio in the weeks before Christmas, looking over my hand-dyed sock yarn and Strongly Hinting as to which color scheme they would like. So for Christmas morning, they each got to unwrap one skein of yarn, with an IOU attached. Yesterday and today, I finally cleared my schedule enough that I had time to crank up the socks on my Creelman Brothers sock knitting machine.

Kevin's socks are the green ones. They were knit on the 72 slot cylinder, as follows: 20 rows, then hang the hem. 30 rows, then turn the heel. 70 rows, then make the toe. (I'm not using the ribber at all on these yet.) This made up into a nice size 12 mens sock.

Michelle's socks are the orange ones. She likes her fire colors! This pair was knit on the 54 slot cylinder, as follows: 20 rows, then hang the hem. 35 rows, then turn the heel. 60 rows, then make the toe. She wears a size 10 womens shoe, and as you can see the socks fit very nicely.

The yarn I'm working with is a little thick for my machine, so I probably won't order any more of it. I had the tension down at the half-way mark to make these work without my machine dropping stitches all over the place.

Next up: my family gave me two yummy snuggly skeins of sock yarn for Christmas, to make up for myself. And I have a cone of white wool, thinner than the stuff I've been using, that I want to experiment with. One of these times, I'm going to find the perfect sock yarn!


  1. Wow! They're SO beautiful, so vibrant!
    Congrats =)

  2. Thanks! I had such fun dyeing the yarn, too. Hmm...maybe it is time to play with another batch of color!

  3. Thank you! Next up: some lovely soft wool/alpaca/nylon yarn that my family gave me for Christmas. That pair will be *mine*.