Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Triloom weaving with Loops & Threads "Cozy Wool" yarn

I've been searching for just the perfect yarn to weave shawls with on my triangle loom, and I think I finally found it. My pegs are spaced just a little further apart than on most triangle looms, and I've been dealing with the fact that most yarns are a little too thin to give a good, solid fabric when they are that far apart. But this week I tried 'Cozy Wool', by Loops & Threads. (I bought it at Michaels.) It is a 50% wool, 50% acrylic blend, and is not only very toasty warm from the wool, the acrylic makes it really soft against bare skin. My only real complaint is that it comes in a limited range of colors so far.

This is what the shawl looked like on the loom. I used purple, dark blue, and light blue to give a nice plaid effect.

While it was on the loom, I was afraid that this yarn was going to be too skinny for what I had in mind, too. You can see the gaps between threads. (I did go back and wiggle the threads around to even up the weave.)

When I took the shawl off the loom though, the yarn immediately blossomed some as I released the tension.

And then I wet finished the shawl in the washing machine, with hot water in the delicate cycle. After the shawl dried, the fabric looked like this:

The fabric has transformed into a very stable weave that is thick and luxurious, and soft to the touch. Yes!! I finally found my yarn. I'll be making more shawls from this brand for sure.

The finished shawl looks like this:


  1. I didn't know that there were triangle looms. This turned out beautifully.

  2. Thank you! The trilooms are a super low-tech way of weaving shawls. They are basically three wood pieces bolted into the triangle shape, with nails or pegs driven into the sides. The only tools I use are a wide toothed comb for mushing the yarn into place, a scissors, a tapestry needle for weaving the last row in, and a crochet hook for adding on the fringe. You can see how it goes here: http://tangibledaydreams.blogspot.com/2009/07/first-go-at-tri-loom.html

  3. I am sooooo impressed by this work! Looming is such a fab talent and you are a master in my book!