Sunday, May 1, 2011

What has been going in the studio this week

Just a bit of a round up of what I've been up to in the studio for the past week.

These juggling balls are my best sellers in the Etsy shop, and I was out of purple ones. So I made 4 more sets, and got them listed. These are made of wool roving that I wet felt around a golf ball core. The golf ball gives the balls a great heft for throwing and catching, and the wool felt coating is textured enough that the balls don't slip out of the hand as easily. Besides, they are fun to make.

I've had a couple of request recently for custom wool socks, so I fired up my antique sock knitting machine again. With it, I can make a pair of socks in just a few long as I don't make any mistakes. This pair took a little longer than that, because I was out of practice. I need to spend more time on the machine!

And Friday I steamed the silk painted scarves that I was working on all last week. The steaming process sets the dye. Now the scarves are hanging for a few days, and then I'll wash and iron them. These will be up in the shop hopefully this coming week. I've got a few more days of life drawing modeling for the semester, so studio time will have to work around that.

Next up is another pair of commissioned socks. After that? Hmmmm...still deciding. I'd eventually like to end up with a full page (24 items) in each category in my Etsy shop. I've only got that in the 'felt' category. I need 4 items in 'beadwork and jewelry', 9 more in 'hand woven', 14 in 'hand spun' yarn, 19 'gourds', 17 more pairs of 'socks', and 12 more 'silk painted scarves'. That is a whole lot of work ahead of me! The question is which category gets priority. Any ideas?

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