Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Poetry: We Want a Simple Action Flick

In November, I did a poem a day challenge, which I really enjoyed. But I haven't written much since then. So now that the school year is drawing to a close I'm going to try adding a weekly poem into my rotation here. I'll label them as poetry in the title, so you can easily skip them as you choose. (Or, I suppose, look for just the poetry if that floats your boat too.) (Hey, it could happen!)


We Want a Simple Action Flick

...And then in the thrilling climactic scene
the Good Guys, in a heroic
blaze of muscles and deadly firepower
finally take the Bad Guy down
with a decisive one-two tap to the head.
Cut to scenes of jubilant crowds,
and then a brief denouement
of a shrouded body
tipped into a vast ocean.
Roll credits.
Movie over.


Life is not
made of Hollywood magic,
no matter how much we wish it were.
Good and Evil
aren't so easily scripted.
Meandering plot lines
get hopelessly entangled,
and instead of credits
all I see
are the words

...to be continued...

Melissa McCollum

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