Thursday, May 5, 2011

Silk Scarves

If you've been following along, you know that I've been making silk painted scarves recently. I finished up washing and ironing the dozen scarves early this week...and 4 of them are already sold. Man, that was fast! I haven't even got them listed in the shop yet. It is very very flattering to get such a response to my work. Everyone who sees them kind of oohs and ahhs, and then starts to pick their favorite. And then, once they pick their favorite, they are tempted to buy it from me. I'm charging $30 per scarf, and evidently that is well within impulse buy range.

These are the eight scarves that are left. The 3 other blue ones I did got snapped up first. Yes, people like blue! I'd make another order to Dharma Trading Company for more scarf blanks, but they are out of stock for a few weeks. Dang it. These are such fun to do, because I love playing with the color combinations, and seeing what organic shapes I get. And with this response, I could afford to make another order and play some more. Luckily, Dharma has a way to be notified when an out of stock item gets in, and I've put myself on that list.

My husband is taking these back in to work with him tomorrow, because one of the ladies who bought one is thinking of another. And then, I've got an SCA event (Medieval historical recreation--we're holding a coronation and then some tournaments) this weekend. I'll probably bring the scarves with me, just because. And then finally on Monday I should be able to list what is left in the Etsy shop.

I think I just created a new line of products for myself. Imagine me doing the happy artist dance over here!