Friday, August 13, 2010

Recipe: Mulled Mushrooms (great for pot lucks)

I'm going to an SCA event tomorrow, called RenMan. The day will be filled with dancing (which I'm teaching), rapier tournaments, feasting, games, crafts...all in all a wonderful time hanging out with friends. We'll be having a silent auction, to raise money to pay for the lights we use for summer time practice. (It is too hot in the summer in Arizona for the sword fighters to practice during the daytime.) I made up a Viking wire woven necklace in the local group's colors to go into the auction:

For the feast, the event will be providing meat and bread, but everyone else is supposed to bring side dishes, pot luck style. I'm going to be bringing my Mulled Mushrooms. They are dirt simple to do, and I get raves every time I bring them. In fact, by now if I don't bring mushrooms I get pouted at.

The recipe? Well, such as it is, here you go:

Mushrooms, whole or chopped into large pieces, washed
Italian dressing
soy sauce

Put the mushrooms into a sauce pan or crock pot. Just cover with equal parts soy sauce and Italian dressing. Simmer for awhile.

You can save the sauce after you're done with the mushrooms, and use it to flavor a pot roast later on. I used to do these on the stove top in a sauce pan, but for potlucks where there will be a plug available it is easier to use the crock pot. I just combine all the ingredients in the crock pot when I get to the event, and plug it in. By the time dinner rolls around, the mushrooms are hot and done. They shrink down while cooking, so I'll sometimes pile more mushrooms in the pot once there is room.

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