Monday, August 16, 2010

Etsy Treasuries

I've been in a couple of Etsy treasuries recently, and thought I'd post the links here. Treasuries are such fun. The person who makes them pulls together 16 different items from different shops around Etsy, and organizes them into some sort of coherent whole. Sometimes it is based on color, or theme, or a phrase, or a holiday, or... I love seeing what folks come up with! The result says as much about the eye of the curator as it does about the individual artist's creations.

The first one I was in was titled "Campfire Stories", and was put together by 'ohclaudia'. She included Native American inspired artwork from regular posters in the campfire thread in the Etsy forums.

The second one was titled "Hush Puppies Hat, Rooster Revelry, Cinnamon Browns and Indigo Blue", and the curator was 'TameraHerrod'. This one features a light blue and creamy brown color theme: .

If you head over there, take some time browsing through the various Treasuries. It is fun to see the results!

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