Thursday, June 10, 2010

Treasury: "Red, White, and Blue", and progress on the gourd

Ok, it must be the season for treasuries. This is so much fun! This evening's theme was "Red, White, and Blue", in honor of the US Independence Day that is coming up in July. One of my hand felted camera cases was included. Here's the link, if you want to take a peek:

Ok, and so this post has a picture too, here's how far I've gotten on the gourd I'm working on. Today I strung waxed linen through the holes in the top to make a web, and then started weaving on it. There is a button in the middle to act as a handle, and a couple of wooden beads pre-strung on the warp threads. I have no plan--this is just free-form weaving, as the mood strikes me.


  1. congrats on the treasury, sweet work!

  2. Wow that gourd is going to be gorgeous when you are done!

  3. Thanks, Julie! I just made another post with pictures of the finished gourd. I stayed up until about 4am finishing it up. The weaving gets just a tad addicting...