Friday, June 18, 2010

One more gourd, and destashing with an SCA event

One more gourd. I'm so pleased with this one! This is the first time I've broken into the blue leather dyes, but it won't be the last. I love how the white pops against the blue. Gourd bowl, leather dye, waxed linen teneriffe weaving, a button, and some blue chevron beads. All the triangle patterns in the weaving were inspired by the beads. I wove until the wee hours of last night, then got up and took the pictures today. It is listed here, if you want to see more pictures:

And now, I've cleaned up the gourd making mess for awhile. I got a box full of sock yarn in the mail yesterday, and also picked up yarn for another triloom shawl. Next week will be a fibery kind of week.

This weekend though...tomorrow I have an SCA event I'll be going to, called 'Fabric War'. Everyone digs through their stash of fabric, yarn, trim, etc, and brings the stuff that they don't see themselves using any time soon. Then we all set up tables, and trade like crazy! I figure I win if I go home with less mass than I brought with me. I hope so--this year I've got 3 boxes full of fabric, about half a dozen fleeces, two bins of gourds, a small box of trim, buttons, sewing notions, patterns...and you can't even tell that I've taken anything out of my studio. Ok, the fabric, gourds, and fleece were out in the storage shed, but that still looks jam packed too! There is no way I could get to all this stuff in the next several years, let alone the stuff that I am keeping.

I am a fiber breathing dragon. And yes, I have a hoard!


  1. Fiber breathing dragon... I giggled at that for a good five minutes :D

  2. Thanks, Jennifer!

    Rarrrr! Fiber breathing dragon!! *cough cough* (Excuse me. Dragon hairballs aren't pretty.)

  3. Your blue gourd is beautiful!!!