Monday, June 7, 2010

Felt and Etsy and Project Planning

It has been a busy several days! I was on the road with my daughter, attending her freshman orientation since she starts college this fall. And then we went straight from there to an SCA event. So I've been out of the studio since last Wednesday.

Luckily, I was down to the hand sewing on the felt camera cases I've been working on, so I had a portable project. I tossed the thread, needle, awl, thimble, buttons, and felt in a tote bag, and off I went. Here's the results:

I've really been enjoying making these! I love playing with the different color combinations. And I enjoy seeing how they turn out. Felt making is so organic--the colors migrate around and blend together, so you're never entirely in control of the process. There is an element of serendipity that I really enjoy.

I spent the afternoon taking individual pictures of these cases, and listed them in the Etsy shop. ( That pretty well rounds out the 'felt' category in the shop. My goal right now is to stock the shop well enough that there are at least 6 of each type of item, to give folks a better variety to choose from. And eventually I'd like to have 21 items in each category, which is how many items can be on a page before they flip over to a second page.

With that in mind, I'm starting on another project. Here's a teaser picture. Can you figure out what I'm going to be up to next?

No, I'm not watering a basket ball. There is something in the towel that I'm soaking. Which reminds me...back to work!

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