Monday, November 2, 2009

Dragon Gourd

I spent this past weekend at an SCA event, out camping in the Arizona desert. It got a wee bit chilly at night, but the days were absolutely beautiful. The company was wonderful, and there was much silliness that transpired. Songs were sung around the campfire, knights in shining armor held tournaments, archers and rapier fighters did their thing, deserts were made and shared, embroidery was stitched, dancers were left breathless...and there was much story telling, a few tears, and many many hugs. Ahhhh. I love this group.

One of the side competitions that was held was a gourd carving contest. Originally it was supposed to be a pumpkin carving contest, but as pumpkins are new world items the contest was termed 'gourd' carving. The rules were that all carving had to be done on site, with hand tools only. Everyone else did pumpkins. But, well, I have this shed full of gourds...

My Dragon Gourd won the competition, and was promptly snatched up by a collector. And I had a wonderful day plying my art, surrounded by good friends, and much laughter.

Pictures by Christi Martin and Mike Te.