Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A lovely day for a drawing class

Ok, November in Phoenix, AZ is just weird. I'm from the midwest US, and November should be full of dried russet foliage, low gray snow filled skies, and a decided nip in the air. Today in Phoenix though, the sun was shining, and the scent of flowers wafted on a warm breeze. I'm not complaining, mind you. I'd rather shovel sunshine than snow any day. But it just isn't right.

I worked at the college today, for the life drawing class again. It was nice enough that the afternoon teacher decided to hold class outside. So she tossed me a kimono, grabbed a couple of props, and we headed out to a shady spot under the trees. Here's a couple of the poses. The first two were two minute gestures. The third I held for 45 minutes.

Yes, I was very aware that I wasn't wearing the kimono anywhere near correctly. There should have been several layers underneath, for one. I do hope those who know better will forgive me--I worked with what I was given, with the limited knowledge that I have. However, the students overlooked the inaccuracy, and there was some very creative art work that came out of the session. Being outside really seemed to spark their imaginations.

The only real drawback to the day? Ants in Arizona bite!

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