Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Life drawing poses for Halloween

Halloween is fast approaching, and to celebrate the teachers of today's life drawing classes and I put our heads together. Up till now, the students have been drawing mostly nude figure studies. I've seen lots and lots of drawings of me where I'm kind of floating mid air in the middle of the page. So we decided to give the students a draped figure to draw, and made a tableau that just tempted them to compose an entire scene. It worked, by the way. The students were a little freaked by the change at the beginning of the classes, but by the end they were having fun and making some fantastic art.

Here's a couple of the poses we came up with:

The skeleton is a replica. But that skull? Real. Let me tell you, it gets a bit creepy to sit for 50 minutes, just contemplating someone else's disembodied head! But also incredibly fascinating. That kind of opportunity just doesn't come along every day for most of us.

For those of you who got the last issue of 42 Magazine ( , this is the skull in question in my poem "Skull Session in the Life Drawing Lab".


  1. The skull IS a bit creepy... but looks like you had fun :)

  2. I like it when I get to be a part of the creative process!

  3. Very creepy in the most delightful, Halloween way!
    Heartspace salutes your work!

  4. Hi Claire! And thanks.

    The teachers used the occasion to teach anatomy, and how to draw light on folded fabric. All very educational. But the students had a blast, particularly with the masked face within the hood. :)