Thursday, August 4, 2016

"Summer Greens" Rinsing out the dyed warp

I dyed my 15 yards of cotton warp the other day, and then bundled up the yarn in cellophane to sit for a day (and a half because I got distracted) in the Arizona heat. That gave the dye time to bond to the fibers. Then, it was time to carefully unwrap the yarn, and re-chain it up so the threads didn't get tangled up. In the past, I've just unrolled the warp bundles in a long row across the length of by back yard. But, it is August in Phoenix, and it is bloody hot out there.

So instead, I decided to try chaining the whole batch at once, so I didn't have to wander all over my back yard in the heat and sun. I knew that might make a mess (gloves and an apron were a must), so I got a laundry basket and lined it with a garbage bag. I unrolled the bundle a yard or so at a time, and chained it into the basket. This worked really well, and will be the method I use from here on out.  Everything was contained, and the dogs were less likely to interfere. (I have 4 medium sized, very friendly and curious dogs, that want to "help"  me with everything.)

There is probably a better way of rinsing out the warp chains, but I find that dumping them into the shower works decently well.

I didn't get quite all the excess dye out, but it is much better. And, I'll wash the finished fabric with some Synthropol when I'm done weaving, so that will get the rest out at that point.

So now, my warp chains are hung up to dry on a laundry line over the bath tub. I don't expect I'll have time to get to warping the loom until next week, so they have plenty of time to dry.

But just look at those colors! I'm sure they'll be lighter when they're dry, but they are gorgeous. Two dark greens, one light green, and two blue-greens. I can't wait to get this on the loom. These are definitely my colors. I'm planning on weaving three ruanas. I was going to put all three of them up for sale...but I may be very tempted to keep one for myself. Luscious, luscious color!


  1. It requires more waiting, but my dyeing teacher taught is to set the dyed and batched yarn in a clean bucket (or similar) of water overnight. The dye really sets well and requires MUCH less rinsing. Just a thought.....

  2. I think I'll try that next time, Peg. Thanks for the tip!!