Wednesday, August 3, 2016

"Summer Greens" Dyeing the Warp

I've been working on getting the warp ready for a new set of woven ruanas. I had the yarn all measured out, but I had to wait until I had a chunk of about 4 hours that I could be uninterrupted...and when nobody was using the upstairs table. That took a bit of working, because with everyone home for the summer my schedule has been a bit choppy. But I managed to finagle the time tonight.

I tossed the chains in a bucket to soak while I went out and got dinner with my son, and played some Pokemon Go. Yes, I have gotten sucked in to that game. I tell myself it is so I can play with  my kids. Really. But in any case, when I got back I got all my gear together, covered the table with cellophane, and laid out my warp chains.

Then the fun part. Color!! I'm using the fiber reactive dyes from Dharma Trading Company this time around. I used two dark greens, a light green, and two blue-greens. I measured out the warp chains into three inch bouts, so I'll get variegated long stripes. I can't wait to see how it turns out! In my mind's eye, it is quite pretty.

But for now, I need to be patient. I have the yarn all dyed, and rolled up in the cellophane. Now I've got the rolls on the back patio, to sit in the Arizona heat for about 24 hours. That will give the chemical reaction time to take place, to bond the dye to the fibers. Waiting.... waiting...... I wanna see now!!

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