Monday, February 8, 2016

Programming the mechanical dobby loom

How did I spend Superbowl Sunday? Sitting around laughing with friends and family, enjoying their enjoyment of the game, and programming my loom.

These are bars for the dobby loom. When you're weaving, you get the pattern by raising up some but not all of the warp threads, and throwing the shuttle with the weft thread across the loom in the space between the raised and stationary threads. (That is one 'pick'.) Then, you change which threads are up, and throw the shuttle back again for another pick. On my usual loom, I choose which threads to raise up by stepping on the various treadles under the loom. On the dobby loom, I pre-program in the pattern. Each wooden bar here represents the choice of which threads to raise for one pick. It was kind of time consuming to put all those pegs in the right spots (no peg for raise a shaft, peg for leave it down), but it will make the weaving go much easier! I won't have to remember where I am in the 48 pick repeat, because I've already told the loom what I want to have happen.

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  1. Hi Melissa. I have the same loom. It didn't come with enough bars. Finally AVL will make the size 12 dobby bars and I will soon have a place with enough room to try it out. You have the best pictures and explanations on the internet. I've only used ridged heddle looms to far, but came across this one for a great price. Your projects are amazing. I hope I can do as well. Kathleen