Friday, February 19, 2016

My new studio space

Last year, one of my sweeties moved out of our house. That left room for us to switch some things around, and I moved from my little bedroom sized studio into a living room sized studio. I was really grateful that the rest of the family was willing to let me take up this much space in the house! We lost a portion of our socializing space, though we still have a living room upstairs for sofas and such. But they thought that my art pursuits were important enough to make giving me room to expand a priority. I am well loved indeed.

So, here is what the room looked like while I was getting it set up. On the wall right near the arch way to the rest of the house, I have cubicle shelves for yarn and craft supply storage. I love having all my weaving yarn out where I can see it.

On the other side of the arch way, I put my computer desk and research books. I'm sitting right there typing this blog entry. To my left, I have room to have both of my looms set up and going at the same time! That means I can have one loom warping, and one loom weaving, with different projects in different stages of progress. In my old studio, it was definitely one project at a time. Which meant, that I had to weave off whatever yardage I was doing before I could start anything else. Which meant, that I had one repetitive motion going for long stretches of time. Which meant that I threw my shoulder out of whack with the repetitive motion, and knocked myself out of weaving for a year while I rehabilitated. Now? I plan on mixing up the motions by moving back and forth between different projects. Yay for more space that allows me to go easier on my body!!
Also, the wall behind me as I sit at the computer has yet another work station set up. This spot has my sewing machine, a work bench, and more item storage. It is a great spot for beading and sewing and silk painting and other hand projects. And I can have something out here at the same time that I've got the weaving projects going. Yes, I am loving this.
On the wall next to the loom in the picture above, I had a white board. I took that down, and put up a display of my collection of weaving tools instead. I like how it turned out. The tools themselves are quite beautiful, and make a lovely art instillation.
And, if I need yet another work space, I can unfold my cutting table in front of the yarn cubicle. I've got it set up for silk painting in this picture, but I've used that space for taking product pictures, and for cutting out sewing patterns as well.
So, here is my new space, and part of the reason why I am back at creating new things again. I had totally outgrown my old space, and it was stifling me. This new space though? I stand in the middle of it and just look all around me. My supplies, tools, and books are organized, visible, and easy to get hold of. I have space to work on several items at a time. And you know what? It looks like a real artist's space.

Which kind of makes me feel like a real artist. Sometimes. Sometimes I still feel like just a housewife with a hobby, and I ought to get out and do something real. Don't we all feel like frauds sometimes? Like everyone else must be doing the real stuff, and we're just faking it? But in this beautiful space, sometimes I can get the sense that I can grow up to fit the possibilities here.

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