Thursday, April 18, 2013

Diamond Twill weaving is a go!

It is always a bit nerve wracking to throw the first pick of a weaving project. In this case, I spent about 15 hours getting the loom all warped up. Now, did I make any threading mistakes? Is the tension even? Are the threads spread out at the proper spacing? Do the colors work together? Deep breath. On your marks....get set....

It worked!! And now, the reward for all that picky warping work. I get to crank the music, open the window, and dance on the loom. Here comes the fabric!


  1. Beautiful blue. I feel the same way when I first start weaving a warp. I just hold my breath until I throw the first pattern to make sure everything is ok. I can't wait to see the finished fabric.

  2. Beautiful diamond pattern. I would love to try weaving someday.

  3. oh, lovely! worth the trouble and wait!

  4. Seriously, Ivan and I are still aghast that it was for US!!!!

    We have no idea what it will become but definitely it will be awesome.

    1. Thank you, everyone!

      *grin* And raventhourne? That? That is why I made it for you both. I knew that of all the people who have carried the burden you just took up, you two would appreciate handwoven. Besides, wasn't it a medieval practice to pay taxes with cloth on occasion? This isn't wadmal, but the idea is there. :) Seriously, I had great fun with this project, and got everything I wanted out of it. Now, to make the next batch for myself. I have another pattern to try...

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