Thursday, September 27, 2012

Ready to Weave...

There! The loom is warped. 10 hours of active work time into the project, and I can 'start weaving'. That is 408 pieces of yarn, all 43 feet long, dyed and transferred to the loom under the same tension and with no tangles. I suspect it will take me about another 12 hours to weave it all off.

My next step, after weaving the header, will be to sample different weft colors. I added about a foot to the length of the warp for this purpose, so I can play and see which color combinations I like best. I picked out three weft yarns at the beginning of the project (one for each ruana/shawl), and have three other ones to try just because I have them on hand. The other benefit of sampling for the first foot of the weaving? By the time I'm done, the edges of the weaving will have drawn in to their working size, so I'll have a consistent width in the finished ruanas.

Here's hoping it all works like I have envisioned!


  1. That looks a promising beginning! Look forward to seeing the final result - meanwhile, what a good tip to try stuff out during the first foot. How do you separate it from the final article, though? Perhaps you'll cover that in the next instalment?

  2. Beautiful yarn! You lucky girl...a loom!

    Happy weaving!


  3. Thanks for stopping by, folks! Isobel, I plan to make 3 ruanas/shawls out of the finished yardage. So I'll be cutting, hemming, and sewing my resulting fabric. I'll chop off the sample section, zig-zag stitch the edges, and keep it in my records to ignite future ideas.