Friday, February 10, 2012

Renovating the game room, continued

We've been working on renovating our game room for the past couple of weeks. Last time you saw pictures of the process here, we were ripping everything out of the room--furniture, carpet, shelves, and all.

So, the next thing we did was to mask the windows and such, so we could paint. We didn't have to put tarps down, because we'd ripped out the carpet and planned on putting in new flooring. That made things much less fiddly!

We took out the ceiling fans too, so we could paint the ceiling. That meant we brought in work lights. I had to take this shot, since I loved the pattern the lights made against the wall. (No, the wall isn't orange. But the color you see really depends on the color of the light available to you.)

We took the moldings off, and sanded them down, and painted them too.You can see that the walls ended up a pale peachy-cream color, instead of stark white. It still gives a nice neutral light background, but the color adds a little of visual warmth to the room. I would have gone with a darker shade, but I got over-ruled by my husband wanting white. This was our compromise.

After the walls dried, we put down a padding and moisture barrier, and then laminate flooring in a light oak color. The technology on this has improved since we did the upstairs in a similar way. Upstairs, we had to glue each board one to the next. This time, it was a simple snap together tongue and groove technology. That made things go much faster!

The dogs approve of the new flooring for napping purposes. They're a little unsure about playing chase the laser red bug on it though, due to lack of traction when they're taking off. Imagine a cartoon chase, where the legs go a hundred zillion miles per hour for seconds before the body actually gets around to moving. Yup. Like that. I did order an area rug today, so that should help them out.

So, once the walls and floor were pretty much done (I say pretty much, because we still have the stairs and the front entry way to do) we started putting the fixtures and walls back together. Instead of using a desk for the entertainment center this time, we put up a series of shelves to hold electronics, games, and such.

Once the structural stuff was up, it was time to move things back in.

While we were at it, we made a point of going through our games, books, and movies with an eye towards only putting away things we were actually going to use again. The rest of it went outside into the back of my van. There will be a trip over to a second hand book store in our near future, to trade things in. New books!! It is all good. (You can't really tell that we took anything out of the house. We just may be pack rats when it comes to books and movies. Maybe.)

And then over the past few days we got the furniture in place, and art work back up on the walls. There is still work to be done, but we invited folks over for our regular Friday Night Game evening. I'd say the room works!!

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