Thursday, February 23, 2012

I found a loom!

Did I need another weaving loom? No, I did not. I have two floor looms already, plus several other little specialized ones. But...I couldn't pass this one up. Really! 8 harness, 40" weaving width. Back beam converts to sectional. Included a horizontal warping mill, a vertical warping mill, a spool rack, a raddle, two reeds, a shuttle, and a sley hook. (That all is weaverese for Dang, this is a cool loom!!!) No, I'm not telling how much I spent, but much less than the several thousands I should have.

Some people bring home stray cats. I bring home stray looms.

Realistically, I should turn around and place this beauty in a good home. I don't have room, and someone else might love it. I'd give a good deal on it. Probably about $600, which is a steal, but I want it to go be used.

But...I think I want to play with it a few times first! Unless someone snaps it up, I think I'll make some dress fabric. Lets see...I've already got some yarn.....


  1. Nice find. I always wanted to learn to weave, but have only dabbled on a hand size loom.

  2. Nice find Melissa - do you think you might want to de-stash the horizontal warping mill and/or the spool rack?

    I'm Barbara in Mesa and have been contemplating a horizontal mill for a little while now.

    msdijeannene at gmail dot com

  3. Ooooo, and all those goodies, too!! Looms do have a way of multiplying, don't they! I do not do sectional but love my warping mill!!

  4. Melissa, where in the desert southwest are you located? It looks like a folding loom, what kind is it? Thanks.
    Jacquie in Tucson
    Reithj at gmail dot com

  5. Hi Jacquie! I'm up in Phoenix, and I'm not quite sure what kind of loom it is. I haven't been able to find a maker's mark on it. The folks I bought it from flip houses, and they found it abandoned in a garage. Yes, it folds up for storage. It has a couple of non-structural and minor cracks in the wood, and the crank handle on the back beam is missing, though there is a make-shift one included in the various bits of wood that came with it. Other than that, it appears to be in really wonderful working condition. The vertical warping mill needs to have one of the dowel rods replaced, which my husband is looking into doing.

    Barbara, if I decide to keep it myself I'll happily de-stash the horizontal warping mill, as I already have one. I've got someone nibbling at the loom right now though, and if she buys it I want to sell it as a set.

  6. Always fun to find a new - old loom. Interesting looking.

  7. You make me laugh! I only have 5 looms, and one is so big it is in pieces in the basement... for some reason my hubby doesn't want a loom in our living room! Only room big enough.... but someday!