Thursday, January 26, 2012

Renovating the game room

I'd love to show you what wonderful craft project I'm working on right now. Well, technically, I could...

...because I do have a shawl on the triloom. I'm trying to variegate 6 different colors of yarn, working from light to dark. But I'm currently stalled on this project, because...

...currently my energy is going toward re-doing my downstairs game room. OUT with the decades old, dirty, stained, and stinky (really really stinky) carpet! This week was large item pick up week for the garbage man, so we ripped it all out this past weekend.

I really wish this photo had been in better focus, but I can't resist putting it up here anyway. I had about half a second to take the shot until Misty decided she didn't want to be thrown away after all. (Yes, we had been trimming the palm trees too. It ended up being quite the pile!)

Anyway, we got the carpet and disintigrating padding up and out, and then I pulled up all the tack board.

And that goes to show that you can find moderately interesting photographs anywhere. Even looking down into the garbage can.

Last night Eric also ripped out part of the ceiling, where we had some old water damage from where the old air conditioner leaked down through the upstairs floor. So I learned how to cut drywall, and we rasped it down until it just fit the spot.

Eric put that back up, while I went around and spackled in all the nail and screw holes, and Shane worked on getting the rest of the padding up from where it was glued to the cement floor.

So, we're almost ready to paint, and will probably do that this coming weekend. The walls will be a light cream, that will end up looking white but be a little warmer in feel. And then we'll put down oak toned laminate flooring.

Busy busy busy!

But not in the craft room.


  1. Wow! What a busy weekend! Hope there will be pictures of the shiny new games room when it's done! That shawl will look amazing too, I bet!:)

  2. Wow! Lots of energy here!!! Will look forward to more pictures!! xo

  3. Hi, Just found your wonderful blog! Have been checking out your felt felting posts as Ive just done a course in it and now am totally addicted :o) Scarlett x

  4. I cant wait to see the "after" pictures!:) Your wall color and flooring choice sounds great.