Friday, June 10, 2011

Silk Scarves, Etsy, and planning the next project.

There! All of the hand painted silk scarves I've been working on recently have been made, photographed, listed (, and packaged away until they can find good homes to go to. In the process, I finally stocked the Etsy shop with over 100 hand made items. Go me! I read early on that 100 items is supposed to be some sort of 'magic number', where you start showing up better in the search engines and such. Supposedly, sales tend to pick up once you reach that milestone. So I set that as a goal for myself quite awhile ago, and have finally reached it. Imagine me doing the Artist's Happy Dance over here. The sales would be nice, but what is really cool is to finally reach the goal. That was a lot of work!

So, now the scarf project is done for awhile. What is next? Hmmm...

I have a half a dozen silk tie blanks, and a new type of silk dye to experiment with. This one is heat set instead of steam set, because the ties are dry clean only.

I have a new type of yarn to try on my triangle loom. I'm still searching for just the perfect blend of thickness, softness, and affordability for shawl yarn. Maybe this time I've got it?

I've got a stash of sock yarn that needs to be cranked up on the antique sock knitting machine.

I'm thinking of weaving up some cotton napkin sets. I want to wind the warp chains, then do some space dyeing like I did for the shawls awhile back. (A few of the shawls are left, so you can peek at one of them here to see the effect I'm thinking of:

I've got a couple of Viking wire woven necklaces part way done. Two of them need clasps, and one is still in the weaving stage.

I've got a whole shed full of gourds, and have already bought accent pieces and waxed linen for the teneriffe weaving.

There is a stash of soft, cuddly wool roving waiting for me to spin it into something useful.

I've been thinking of making another felt rug. I made one for the Estrella arts competition a few years back, and have it on the floor of my studio. The dogs and cats consistently jockey for sprawling room on it.

So...what should I start next??


  1. Oh I tried to post a comment here yesterday...Needed to tell you how inspirational you are and shared your blog with my fellow weavers up here in the North Country!! Your tutorials are truly wonderful and your color sense!!! WOW! And I wish I had your energy as well! xo