Friday, March 4, 2011

Planning colors for a triloom shawl, in Lion Brand Homespun yarn

I was sitting and talking with my sweeties last night, taking some time to actually come out of my studio and interact with real people. Yes, I'm starting to come out of my Estrella induced hibernation. Anyway, I kept my hands busy by balling up the yarn for my next couple of shawls. I prefer to wind the skeins into balls for a couple of reasons. First, I clear up any of the dreaded yarn barf tangles before I have to deal with them while I'm weaving. And second, I find any knots or weak spots in the yarn before they find their way into my shawls. I'm using Lion Brand 'Homespun' yarn for these wraps, and that particular yarn is bad for having bad spots in occasional skeins.

Anyway, I laid out the color combinations this afternoon, in preparation for weaving. I had chosen one shawl in 3 shades of blue, and one in purple and white. Very safe, monochrome color combinations.

But, you ever have one of those times when the project shifts on you? Looking at the yarn, the dark blue and the white just wanted to swap places, like so:

That gave the blue shawl a lighter feel, with the light blue and the cream mixing nicely together. It looks of like the tops of the ocean waves down on the beach in Mexico. And the purple shawl gets a shot of the darker blue, moving it into an analagous color way instead of a monochrome one.

I put the balls back where they started...switched them again...mixed them totally up...and decided on the ocean waves and the blue/purple mix.

Here's the blue/purple heading onto the loom. Yup. That looks pretty good! (But I still want to do the purple and white one sometime!)


  1. I've been working with rags for bags lately doing the same thing with color arranging. Eventually, it will be what it will be...

  2. I just started following your blog. sooner or later? I love to see what other folks are doing.

  3. Inspiring! I just started weaving on a triangle (2 ft) loom this year, and have completely a couple of shawls..I haven't combined colors yet, thought the pegs on your looms look taller than on mine...not sure whether I could do layers?
    Interesting that you're working with the Lion Brand...I'll have to consider that, as I prefer working with thicker yarns anyway...will enjoy following you!