Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Still spinning for the Estrella project

I'm still spinning away for my weaving project. I did the calculations, and assuming about a 1/3 shrinkage/take-up rate, I'll need to put 11 yards of 28" wide warp on the loom to make enough wool fabric for a 1200's style over tunic. At about 12 epi, that makes 3696 yards of warp needed. I just finished up another skein of white, which brings my current total to 3453 yards. One more skein of white should do it for the warp. Then I'll start on spinning some more blue for the weft yarn.

In and among spinning, I tried one of the free projects from Beading Daily.

Isn't it cute? It is a 3D cube, peyote stitched together from Delica seed beads. I put a jingle bell inside of it. The project suggests making several of these cubes, and hanging them off of a chain for a Gift Box necklace. But I think if I make some more, I'm going to do something different with them. I think I might write down the joys in my life on little slips of paper, and put the papers inside of the cubes. Then I'll display the collection of cubes in a bowl, and when I'm down I'll look at it and have a visual, tangible reminder of just how lucky I am.

Either that, or I'll make dice! I wonder what it would take to make up a full set of D&D dice out of beads...

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