Monday, December 13, 2010

Felt Juggling Balls

My inventory of felt juggling balls has been getting a little slim recently, what with holiday sales. So today I got to make 4 more sets. These are fun to do! They're small enough projects that I can play with all sorts of different color combinations.

These juggling balls have old golf balls at their core. I've got a box full of them, and when I run out, well, I live right near a golf course. They've always got used ones that they're willing to sell off, and I like the idea of recycling. I wrap the ball in three layers of wool roving, and then add wisps of other colors around the outside.

Then it is off to the bathroom sink. I use lots of hot, soapy water, and throw the bundle back and forth and roll it around in my hands. After a time, the wool shrinks down and velcros itself together into a seamless felt coating. After I get them to this stage...

...I cheat and throw the balls into the dryer for a final hardening. They come out great! The golf ball core gives the balls a good weight in the hand, and the felt covering gives them a bit of grip so they don't slide around so easily.

These will be going up in the Etsy shop in the next day or so.