Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A bit of this, a bit of that...

It has been kind a scattered couple of days here in the studio. I've had family members home sick, and I've had a touch of it myself, so time (and brain power) to focus on any one thing has been kind of hard to come by. But I took measurements for an over armor tunic that one of the local SCA fighters has commissioned. I scrubbed down another gourd, with the intent of turning this one into a candle holder. And I made up a set of felted juggling balls, to fill a request. The lady in question wanted a set of four balls instead of the set of three that I usually make. I was more than happy to put it together for her. In fact, here's a picture of the set in process.

Hmmmm...Can you tell which ball still needs the most felting work?

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