Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pictures and Planning

So, you want to see how the 'Falling Leaves' triloom shawl turned out? I took my daughter into the back yard this afternoon, and had her model it for me. (What am I going to do for a model next year, when she's off to college?!) Here are the results:

Today I also took pictures of some of my felt juggling balls. These are kind of cool. I start with a golf ball as the core, then wet felt a seamless wool cover around the ball. The golf ball gives a great weight to the juggling ball, and the felt gives it a nice grippy texture that doesn't slip out of your hands easily. I don't juggle myself, but my friends who do all love these.

Most of today though, was spent moving looms around. I had to disassemble my 8 harness Harrisville loom to get it though my studio door again. We hauled it upstairs to stash it away for the time being. The AVL loom got moved into position in front of my studio window. It is amazing how much more roomy it feels in my studio! The AVL has an appreciably smaller footprint, even though it only has 4" less weaving width. I'm liking this already.

I was going to try out the AVL, and if I liked it the plan was to sell off the Harrisville. But I have two teenagers, and they have watched Mommy weaving for years now. appears that we're yanking out one of the living room sofas tomorrow, and the Harrisville is getting reassembled up in teenager territory. Then there will be some weaving lessons going on! My daughter wants to make her own scarves, among other things. We'll raid the yarn stash, and I'll set them up with a simple warp to start with. As long as we can keep the kitten off the back beam, everything should be fine.

Here comes the next generation of fiber geeks!

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